Explore Gwinnett Month!


It is officially Explore Gwinnett month starting TODAY! Throughout the month of July we will have contests and giveaways to those who participate! Be sure to follow us on Twitter & “like” us on Facebook to keep up to date with all the fun and giveaways we will be having!

Let me tell you a little about Explore Gwinnett:

If you have not visited our website, you should do that as soon as possible, Click here to go directly to it! Explore Gwinnett offers so much information about things in Gwinnett, from hotels, restaurants, convention centers, attractions and more. For visitors that are coming to Gwinnett and staying in the hotels, we want them to have plenty of options to chose from, as well as those who are living in Gwinnett County.

Listed on our website we have a calendar of events. This is perfect for visitors and for those who are living in Gwinnett. Each day we add all of the different events that are going on in the area. Let me just say, there is ALWAYS something going on each weekend and throughout the week. So if you are having out of town guest, it a great place to check out to see all the listed events that are going on that weekend! We also have a list of all of the restaurants that are here in  Gwinnett, believe me when I say we have TONS. Sometimes it gets old going to the same ole restaurant that is your “go to” place. I recommend checking out what all we have on the website!

Are you interested in knowing  all the highlighted events? If so you can sign up for our E-newsletter. This will be based on what your interests are! Be sure to click everything that you may be interested in so that you get the information when it is posted on our E- newsletter. Click Here to sign up! As soon as we get the highlighted events and information it will be emailed right to you!

Here at Explore Gwinnett, we also offer help with weddings and family reunions. our sales manager, Maurice Odoms (Maurice@exploregwinnett.org), can help you with booking hotel rooms for weddings and family reunions! He can help you find the perfect venue for your wedding or a spot for your family reunion! Along with booking hotel rooms, Explore Gwinnett sends over welcome bags to the hotel, so that it is waiting for you and your guests arrival! If you are needing vendor information or information on group friendly restaurants and things to do, Maurice is more than happy to help with all your needs!

Gwinnett Sports Commission (GSC) is also part of Explore Gwinnett. As part of GSC they can help you plan the perfect sporting event for youth, college, amateur, and professional organizations. The GSC helps provide the resources and services that you need to make your event a success! They are always looking for volunteers to help out with these sporting events, be sure to contact Leigh Hooten (Leigh@exploregwinnett.org)  for more information!

As you can see Explore Gwinnett has so much to offer. You can always stop by our office and pick up brochures. We have plenty to chose from that has information for a lot of places here in the Gwinnett area.



Things to look out for:

  • By the end of August we will have post cards available to send out to friends and families who are out of town! Be on the look out for further information!
  • Look out for our reunion workshops that are offered in the Fall and Spring. It provides all the information to planning a reunion! It is the perfect learning spot to learn exactly how to plan your perfect reunion from start to finish!

We hope this gives you some insight on Explore Gwinnett, and that you learned something new! Don’t forget to get out and Explore Gwinnett today!

Remember to “like” our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Click the images below to take you directly to those pages! 

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