FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen: Chef T brings the heat to Lilburn

Chef T

By: Diana Pratt

Marketing Communications Intern


FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen, season 14 runner up, Torrece “T” Gregoire, known as “Chef T” who is a very kind and talented chef has a background of going to Le Cordon Bleu, being a personal Chef for Atlanta Falcons owner, Author Blank, in his suite at the dome, and even launched a high end executive level restaurant called Two View at the Georgia Dome.

Chef T is now an Executive chef at Three Blind Mice, located in Lilburn. If you have not tried it, you’re missing out on top notch food. We are talking about high quality food that you could get at a restaurant in Buckhead. Some of us at Explore Gwinnett could not wait to see and taste what she was going to cook up for us!

Myself and our Marketing Communications Coordinator, Liz Santa Cruz had the opportunity to go to Three Blind Mice to not only talk with Chef T, but also to watch her and her team in action, preparing gourmet dishes. She makes it look so easy! The three dishes that her and her team cooked were Pressed Pesto, which is chicken breast, ciabatta, pesto, arugula, tomato, basil marinated mozzarella and balsamic. This is on their lunch menu under “Sandwiches & Such.”  Let me just add that we were able to stand in the kitchen and watch Chef T cook our food. The second dish was Salmon that was seasonal succotash, lemon thyme beurre and tomato jam. This was my favorite of all three, it was absolutely mouthwateringly delicious! The last dish her team cooked was the Cast Iron Scallops with lentil red rice and melted brown butter, which was just as good as the other two dishes. You can find these two dishes on their dinner menu under “Entrees.” Seriously, try them!

Before she started working at Three Blind Mice, she met the owner of the restaurant at a Chili Cook-off, from then on she has been the Executive Chef. While speaking with Chef T we wanted to know why she thought Three Blind Mice was so popular, “Like when you walk in here you’re not expecting this ambiance, this atmosphere. When you get hungry, where do you go if you don’t want to cook? A restaurant, right? When you provide hospitality, we can have awful food, and people will come back, because you know why? We make them feel like family.” She explains that when she walks into work and is really thirsty and one of her co-workers hand her a grapefruit soda, “they know that is my favorite, they anticipated my need before I even have to ask them. It makes me feel like they care about me, like I’m special.”  It is important that the Three Blind Mice have the Buckhead feel. People who are living in Gwinnett have the chance to come to a restaurant that is close to them without having to go into Buckhead for a 5 star meal. The community can have that feel right here in Gwinnett County. Three Blind Mice can bring not only the hospitality feel to the customers but also that 5 star meal they would get while dinning out in Buckhead. When we have visitors come in from out of town, they can stop by Three Blind Mice and will notice the great hospitality that they provide to their guests. It makes it easier knowing that customers don’t have to go very far to get the food and experience since Three Blind Mice can provide it for them!

I am sure by now you might be itching to try the food at Three Blind Mice and experience the atmosphere, and there is a chance to have a wonderful three course meal prepared for you at a great price.

Here at Explore Gwinnett, we want our community and out of town visitors to have a chance to explore Three Blind Mice, and to have that opportunity to try their food. We have Gwinnett Restaurant week July 19-23, and Three Blind Mice is one of the restaurants you can try out! They will provide a three course meal, which you will have a few choices to pick from the provided menu they give you. This will be a great time to get a three course meal from them that is all in one package for just $21.21 per person. Go check her and her staff out at Three Blind Mice, I promise you will not be let down by her food and her wonderful staff!




Guests at Three Blind Mice saying Hello to Chef T!








All photo credit: Kate Awtry

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