Outstanding food and Exceptional Service at Cinco!

Craving authentic Mexican food?! Cinco in Suwannee is the perfect place to dine! In honor of Gwinnett Restaurant Week, last night some of the Explore Gwinnett staff headed out to Cinco for an outstanding three-course meal and exceptional service!

group cinco1



Our waiter, Augustis (in the red), made our experience at Cinco one for the books! He was lively and interacted with our whole group, including Liz’s little girl Annabella! Throughout our meal, Augustis went above and beyond getting us everything we asked for with a smile on his face. The teamwork the Cinco staff demonstrated also helped make for exceptional service! Augustis was backed by many other staff members who helped deliver our food and drinks, as well checking in on us throughout the evening!

The food was equally as great as the service! With a variety of delicious options from Cinco’s GRW menu, it is a difficult decision to choose what to eat! However, we discovered that you cannot go wrong no matter your decision!

For the first course the empanadas de pollo were a popular choice!

“I really enjoyed my appetizer, the empanadas. It had an avocado sauce that paired nicely,” said Leigh. Victoria also agreed that this appetizer was her favorite part of her experience at Cinco!

The calamares fritos appetizer, steak fajitas, and the salmon entrée were also ordered by our table, and everything was enjoyed!!


To end our three-course meal we had the choice of tres leches cake finished with a light vanilla frosting or berry-filled churros rolled in cinnamon and sugar, drizzled with chocolate, and topped off with vanilla ice cream! YUM! Both were outstanding and definitely satisfied our craving for something sweet!!



“For only $21.21 we experienced great atmosphere, outstanding wait service, and perfect portion sizes! It was a great value for the price,” said Cricket.

This restaurant is one that everyone needs to try! I know our staff will definitely be making a trip back to Cinco, and you should too!

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