How Can I Get to Gwinnett from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport?

So you are traveling to Gwinnett through the Atlanta airport but don’t want to rent a car. You are in luck, because we have put together some different options for you based on price, time, and luxury. Read ahead to find the best form of transportation for you. {Please note: This article is provided for information purposes only. Please call ahead to confirm routes, costs and times. We are not responsible for changes to routes, costs and times for any transit company.}

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, also known as MARTA, is a transportation system that travels through Atlanta and DeKalb County, one MARTA station is connected to the Atlanta Airport right next to baggage claim. Only costing $2.50 to travel one-way into downtown makes it an affordable commute, and MARTA can connect you to the system that travels northeast to Gwinnett (Gwinnett County Transit).

There are also GRTA (Georgia Regional Transportation Authority) buses that serve as regional commuting options. GRTA buses typically travel directly from Gwinnett to one designated stop in Atlanta.


If you are looking for the most affordable way to travel to Gwinnett and back to the Atlanta airport, the Gwinnett Transit System (GCT) is one of your best options! You can first catch the airport MARTA train to the Doraville Station located near 285 and Buford Hwy., this is the closest MARTA station to Gwinnett County. From Doraville, you can connect to the Gwinnett County Transit Route 10. This route travels north up Buford Highway through Norcross, ending at Sugarloaf Mills in Lawrenceville. Depending on what city you are visiting in Gwinnett, you can take Route 40 deeper into Lawrenceville. The best thing about taking the GCT system is the cheap cost, ranging from $2.00-$4.00 depending on your route. It is important to check the schedule of departure times from each stop to determine when you should arrive because some stops are “time stops” and some are not. Also, from these GCT stops, you can then take a taxi to your destination in Gwinnett. If you decide to take the GCT bus be sure to check out rider information and get any questions you have answered! When ending your visit, you can take the GCT from Sugarloaf Mills back to the Doraville Marta Station and end at the airport Marta Station. The GCT is accessible for handicapped persons as well.

If you do not want to ride MARTA to the Gwinnett County Transit, there are other modes of transportation that will bring you straight from the Atlanta airport to Gwinnett, and back. Some options include:

Depending on the amount of people you have traveling with you, where you are going, and what type of car you want to travel in, prices can vary. With these companies you have options ranging from small cars, buses, and SUVs. This variety allows single parties as well as large parties, up to 10 passengers, to travel together. If you are interested in elegance and/or fun, the Gwinnett Limousine & Airport Shuttle, also offers limousines and party buses that can fit up to 14 passengers!! This will allow you and your friends and/or family to travel in style!

I hope this helps you determine the best way for you to travel from the airport to Gwinnett! Have a safe and fun visit!!

{Please note: This article is provided for information purposes only. Please call ahead to confirm routes, costs and times. We are not responsible for changes to routes, costs and times for any transit company.}

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